It is not just about banks, chocolate and the Alps. It is a little bit more than that… more

...this small country is a land of contrasts.

It offers an astonishingly variety of landscapes, vegetation and regional climates: from the mountaintop snow and glaciers to the palm trees of the Ticino Riviera, from the vernacular barns of the canton of Fribourg to the highest skyscraper of Zürich.

It is not only defined by its multilingualism all over the country but also within a canton itself; it is not only its amazing, living cultural traditions that make up both its identity and cultural diversity but also its innovation in research, design, and technology. The Alien creature by Giger, fashionable and ecofriendly bags by Freitag, original vegetable peeler Rex by Zena, the cheese wheel “ la Girolle,” the Velcro hook and loop fastener are all Swiss designs or inventions.
Not to mention architects, writers, photographs, painters, sculptors, psychoanalysts, and many famous people who are “Made in Switzerland “ as Madame Tussauds! Did you know it?

Take a journey now to discover your Switzerland.



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by moxi